Costa Rica Updates

I took the liberty of adding you to our Costa Rica mailing list, where we'll be sending updates from our travels. If you're like: "That fool, my inbox can't handle one more e-mail!", well then fine! See if I care! Remove yourself from my buddy list on myspace while you're at it! E-mail and the system will take you off. If you change your

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Costa Rica blog

visit the blog for Julia and my's trip to Costa Rica

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Welcome to Costa Rica!

Julia and I are planning a trip to Costa Rica. We're both very excited, but some last minute passport difficulties (Julia can't find hers!) might throw a wrench in the works.If not, we'll be leaving aboard American Airlines to San Jose, Costa Rica on Saturday the 18th. We'll be returning on the 1st of March.If you'd like to stay updated by e-mail, send a message

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Casual laundry room banter

If you have sensitive ears, don't read any further. Though this conversation was overheard (or rather, passively participated in) in a public laundry room, it is not suitable for everyone. And my telling it forces me to dive far below my normal level of verbal decency. However, I felt it was a tale worth telling.I went about my bi-weeklyish laundry ritual this afternoon. Usually this

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Server HD died, recovering

Right, so now I think hard disks are a pretty silly idea. I mean, why should I own a $200 piece of equipment that heats up to no end, makes noises, and eventually suddenly dies for no reason and to much regret for not having backed up anything.The good news is that it may not actually in fact be dead. While I can't boot the

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Tombstone Hold-em

On Saturday October 15, 2005, Graveyard Games will be in Colma, San Francisco's very own City of the Dead, so you can meet the living and play with the dead.You're invited to the Italian Cemetery to get to know your local dearly departed, pay your respects, and learn Tombstone Hold 'Em —the secret poker game you can only play in a cemetery.

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Idea: more free web sites, please

We're very lucky to be living at a time when some web sites are still charging. It used to be that that was the primary income model - but with the costs of internet construction plummeting, and the availability of income-producing advertising increasing, it's seemingly less necessary to charge, at least for basic features.That means, to me, that there are areas of the net that

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Staged Kindness

I've set up a quick web site detailing my Staged Kindness concept. The premise is that if you stage acts of kindness in front of an audience of strangers, the world will become a happier place. People will see your "play kindness" and may indeed repeat it in real life the next time they encounter a similar situation. I'll be posting pictures and videos soon.Let's

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Where the negative is actually a positive

I think the reason I don't post much on this blog (or any other blog that I've created in the past) is that I rarely have anything to say that I want to say to everyone that I haven't already told to some people. ;-)So I think I'm going to adopt a theme. Rather than shout out random thoughts, ideas, and events, I'm going to

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