Healthy Boundaries

It took me 40 years to discover how to set good boundaries with others. If you were brought up in a family system that didn't always demonstrate healthy boundaries, like me it might take a major life event to even realize you weren't setting boundaries for yourself in the first place. Much of this personal growth has been accomplished by working with my excellent therapist.

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What masks do you wear?

Interacting in a world of masks has been an insightful experience for me. Without visual clues as to the emotional state of those around me, the world seems somehow flatter and colder. While shopping at Whole Foods today, I realized that in many ways I've always worn a mask, shielding my authentic self from the outside world. In fact, wearing masks of self protection seems

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Intend and dream

I have a newfound interest in exploring my dream life. To better honor and engage with the sacred journey that I embark on every night. When I was a child, I had recurring nightmares. My experiences at night were so traumatic that I developed a fear of sleep itself, knowing that the monsters of my dreams would be there waiting for me night after night.

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Morning rituals

What is the first thing you do upon waking? I got into the habit of reaching for my phone. I was so addicted that if I didn't check my phone after waking, I'd get anxious. In this impressionable time of day, I witnessed that the news of the day scrambled my thoughts and even soured my mood for the rest of the day. Recently I've

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Are you an artist?

A young man posed this question to me recently in the checkout aisle at the Rock Shop in Fairfield. The answer came instantly to my lips: No, I am not. My companion, who happens to be a musician, brightly replied Yes I am. The young man, satisfied with this affirmative answer, replied with a smile that he thought as much. "You look like artists" he

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Slowing down, waking up

COVID is an undoubtedly tragic event that will cause ripples across all our lives. As I looked out at the gorgeous evening sky today I realized that hidden in our challenge is a growing awareness. As factories are shuttered and travel all but stops, we are finally collectively doing the thing that allows the earth to heal herself. Perhaps we will see how changing the

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10 Tips for life in quarantine

Get out in nature. Being outside is not in and of itself dangerous, and it is so healing to your mind and body.Get exercise, even if you have to adopt a new routine. Keep up the program, it's healthy and will keep your immune system up.Keep up your spiritual practice, don't let the change of routine throw you off.If you're invested in the markets, don't

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Incentivized joy

I find myself frustrated by today's Instagram culture. The system creates an endless toxic cycle of envy fueled by inauthenticity, when we'd all be happier just being present. Children are great reminders of what it means to be in the flow of joy. Below is a photo of my daughter at the Museum of Ice Cream that captures her authentic joy of being in that

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Stealing is the future of retail

I stole something from the Apple Store today. Or rather, it felt a lot like stealing. I walked in, found what I wanted, opened the “Apple Store” app, scanned the barcode, and walked out. It seemed so much like stealing, I felt a little awkward leaving the store. Doesn’t someone want to check my receipt or something? I literally interacted with zero people and the entire process

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Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Whereas the giving spirit of Christmas is mired by needless consumerism, Thanksgiving represents the best and truest parts of what it means to be human: to gather those friends and family in my life that I care about most, share a magnificent feast that we prepare together, and be given a chance to pause and be thankful for this amazing

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