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A beautiful day by the river!

The weather here has been amazing! Plus I also have a regular job which is great! I'm temping at MIT for a professor as his assistant in their Media Lab (He invented the trackpoint on keyboards and mice, which is about all I know about his work). He seems really demanding so I'm hoping I'll be able to keep up with all his work. All

A beautiful day by the river!2006-05-29T02:22:00+00:00

new bikes!…well…actually new used bikes!

Do I hear a $5 for this bike? Do I hear $10? $15? $21? Sold for $21 to number 175... Bryan and I are now both the proud owners of two used bikes, purchased straight from the Cambridge Police Station's yearly auction. They had about 12 used cars that were auctioned for $700-$1500 and a ton of bikes. We had thought that we'd shell out

new bikes!…well…actually new used bikes!2006-05-20T23:56:00+00:00

It’s a no go…

Hi everyone, So, after turning my place upside down many times in search of my old passport and after making many phone calls...we've decided that its best to postpone the trip. So if anyone has any suggestions on where to go, then you know where to reach us! To be continued... :D julia (+bryan)

It’s a no go…2006-02-19T00:50:00+00:00
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