Setting intentions

Today feels like a momentous culmination of a journey that started when I simply followed a thread of something that inspired me. Back in 2004, I attended a talk at UC Berkeley by Paul Graham, who was promoting his innovative new investment firm with a funny name, Y Combinator. His idea was to give hackers like me some hands-on guidance and a small sum ($6K

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I'm not sure if I've ever really felt comfortable in my adult body. I've consistently muted my physical expression out of fear of judgment. The few times I've been in situations where I couldn't avoid dancing, I've felt tremendous awkwardness and shame. Lately through meditation and by consulting with my guides, I've felt called to start exploring moving my body as a way of celebrating



Two years ago I was sitting in my truck, sobbing with intense feelings of betrayal. I felt so confused and lonely. Compounding my isolation, I didn't know how to express my feelings safely with my person. I felt unloved and unlovable. These feelings led me to say and do things that I now regret but were a portal of insight that ended a relationship that


The pursuit of unhappiness

I’ve come to realize that I don't have a great track record of knowing what will actually make me happy. Not that I’m generally unhappy, or particularly hard to please, but that the achievements I thought would result in my happiness seem to have about the same chance as any random event of yielding happiness in my life. The fact is, life is inherently complex,

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