Shame as a transmissible disease

There is no role of greater importance or service to humanity than that of being a parent. It is not only the fastest track to your own healing, but is also the fastest track to the healing of the whole world.Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys #48 It’s unavoidable to be human and not be living with some form of internalized shame (times when you feel

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Grief portals

Last night I found myself choking up while reading a Thomas the Train book with the kids. The story itself wasn't sad, but I had the hardest time getting through bedtime because something was welling up in me. Why was I feeling so sad? It certainly had been a frustrating day, with news of an annoying setback clouding my thoughts. But this sadness felt far

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Toddler food

My children have three basic food groups: fruit, mac and cheese and chicken nuggets. I don't know what is so magical about mac and cheese, but it seems like the collective preschooler consciousness just can't get enough of it. My kids would eat mac and cheese for breakfast if I let them. While I do my best to buy only organic and have even found

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On judgment

If I feel good about my parenting, I have no interest in judging other people's choices. If I feel good about my body, I don't go around making fun of other people's weight or appearance.Brene Brown There are times in my life where I have been judgemental of others. I've also caught myself filtering my actions and words to avoid others' judgement. It's not just

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Anonymous brands

I like to dream up simple changes that can have far reaching effects on the world. I think this simple rule could have a huge impact: One of the powers that we consumers have in a capitalist society is deciding which products to buy. In a sea of choices, we can choose to patronize the businesses that align with our values and produce products that

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Conscious media consumption for children

As a parent of two young kids, I watch what my children eat without a second thought (mostly just looking for opportunities to expand their diet beyond variations of mac and cheese). I also limit their digital media consumption, while at times guiltily relying on such to get personal time for myself. I recently witnessed something that underlines the importance of paying more attention to

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Healthy Boundaries

It took me 40 years to discover how to set good boundaries with others. If you were brought up in a family system that didn't always demonstrate healthy boundaries, like me it might take a major life event to even realize you weren't setting boundaries for yourself in the first place. Much of this personal growth has been accomplished by working with my excellent therapist.

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Relentlessly give the user what they want

I love my Peloton. Mostly it exists as a fancy piece of abstract art in my office, but I occasionally use it for workouts. When I overcome my lazy butt inertia, my experience is that the Peloton almost always wants to do an update. Instead of giving me what I want (to work out), I have to wait several minutes for the software to update

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What masks do you wear?

Interacting in a world of masks has been an insightful experience for me. Without visual clues as to the emotional state of those around me, the world seems somehow flatter and colder. While shopping at Whole Foods today, I realized that in many ways I've always worn a mask, shielding my authentic self from the outside world. In fact, wearing masks of self protection seems

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Intend and dream

I have a newfound interest in exploring my dream life. To better honor and engage with the sacred journey that I embark on every night. When I was a child, I had recurring nightmares. My experiences at night were so traumatic that I developed a fear of sleep itself, knowing that the monsters of my dreams would be there waiting for me night after night.

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