When Steve Jobs died, the rumor was that he left a playbook of sorts for Future Apple to follow.

With the release of the 64-bit ARM7 in the iPhone 5S, I’ve started to ponder if this hints at one of those far-future milestones that Jobs would have laid out: that the notion of laptops and desktops will one day simply cease to exist.

Granted, credit must be given to Ubuntu Edge for demonstrating how close that world truly is, but in hindsight, this next iteration of computing just seems so obvious. Why lug around two computing devices, when in the near future, our iPhones will be as powerful as the laptops we currently carry in our backpacks, and the desktops that used to populate the space below our desks?

Going 64-bit doesn’t seem like it will improve performance in any meaningful way in the short term, but it’s an important step in the march towards making the iPhone your sole computing device. I’d imagine Apple, knowing their marching orders ahead of time, decided to make the jump to 64-bit ahead of when they needed it.

I look forward to a day when all I have to do is plug in my phone to my monitor and get to work.