If you lost your wallet at Outside Lands, your information is now public

Update: Much has changed since I wrote this blog post! I’ve written a follow-up here and I encourage you to read that first. If you were one of were one of the many thousands that attended the Outside Lands festival in San Francisco over the weekend and were unfortunate enough to drop your wallet - your full name and private information are now available for public consumption. Traditionally, Lost

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The importance of privacy

In this day and age where web apps can be built in a day and released to millions, it’s vitally important that we leave time to consider the implications our products have on the world. I’m thankful that the folks at Outside Lands took notice and cared enough about their fans’ privacy to review and improve their Lost & Found web site when I wrote a

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Memories in the cloud

My wonderful grandmother Mary passed away last week. She was a beautiful person, filled with so much love for all. My sister and I are putting together a slideshow to play during the memorial service, filled with pictures of her and my grandfather’s life together. It’s really wonderful how easy Dropbox has made it to compile photos from various family members. Photos are one thing,

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