We’ve hit kinda a roadblock here on the ol travel plans and we haven’t even left.

Last Wednesday, Julia discovered that her passport was missing. We look around both apartments, but nothing turned up. She applied for an emergency passport (for like $500), sent them all the documents they needed on Thursday, and they had it fedexed from Washington DC with a Saturday delivery. We figured we got extremely lucky, in the end, without a moment to spare.

Then this freakish storm overtook the land, it snowed in Berkeley, and blizzarded in Nashville. This being Fedex’s hub, all we can guess is Julia’s replacement passport is now sitting in the land of country music, frozen on a tarmac somewhere.

Which means we have to find her passport in like 3 hours max (plane is at 6:30) or no dice.

Ugh. Wish us luck.


Bryan Kennedy
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