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Today is the day! Julia and I are headed to Costa Rica for almost two full weeks! Without intending to inspire jealousy in present company, we’re both very excited to fly away from this frigid weather and into the warm breezes of the equator.

Our journey begins tonight at 6, when we’ll be flying aboard American Airlines to LAX, and then off to San Jose International in Costa Rica for a relaxing red-eye flight. Provided baby density in our section of the cabin remains low, we’ll both have gotten some sleep and will arrive happy and refreshed on Sunday morning to pick up our 4×4.

Then it’s off to the coast for a yet-unplanned adventure! Nothing’s booked – so this can be kind of like a name-your-adventure-tale for all you-alls: "Julia and Bryan encounter a fork in the jungle road. On one they can glimpse a distant beach and some snakes, on the other, an active volcano and some parrots. Which should they choose? E-mail to decide.

It’ll just be the illusion of control, though, because we won’t listen and choose the beach every time, right J?