Right, so now I think hard disks are a pretty silly idea. I mean, why should I own a $200 piece of equipment that heats up to no end, makes noises, and eventually suddenly dies for no reason and to much regret for not having backed up anything.

The good news is that it may not actually in fact be dead. While I can’t boot the sucker, I can see the files. Maybe I’ll be able to recover them. Or maybe it’s just dying, and it’s like being able to see your loved ones through a window in a sinking car. I think I saw that in a movie once or something.

An this has happened to me before. Hard drives are bound to fail, I know, and each time I say – never again will I trust them to never fail! I will back up each and every day! And then I don’t, because backing up almost 1 terabyte of data is a -shall we say- boring thing to do. HD size has easily overcome backup media size. Why is that?

I really think the next step is massive online data. Maybe provided by goggle. They seem to have this whole storage thing down. I’d store my stuff on google. Not even backup, really. All I should need is a fast connection and an account on some limitless server hard disk somewhere. I’d even *pay* for it.