I think the reason I don’t post much on this blog (or any other blog that I’ve created in the past) is that I rarely have anything to say that I want to say to everyone that I haven’t already told to some people. ;-)

So I think I’m going to adopt a theme. Rather than shout out random thoughts, ideas, and events, I’m going to restrict postings to ponderings on thinking positively about negative things. It’s so easy to immediately go to the negative when presented with a new bit of information – heck, politics these days is rife with stuff that makes me angry and depressed. But there are always two sides to every coin – sometimes it takes a bit of effort to lift, but I’d prefer to gaze at the shiny side if I can. Wouldn’t you? It’ll take a bit of creative effort, but that’s what I’m going to attempt to do from now on. Positive ways of looking at negative things. I like it.

So if this is the last post, it means I’m an evil, hateful person who can’t see the positive side to anything!