Gas companies are turning into one of those evil nasties that happen from time to time until the government steps in to help. Remember the railroad barrens of the 1800’s. Unfortunately, our current president is in bed with the oil barrens of today. Now they are crippling commerce with their high gas prices. Are you convinced, like most, that it is due to New Orleans? Don’t fall for it:

“This is the mother of all booms,” said Oppenheimer & Co. oil analyst Fadel Gheit. “They have so much profit, it’s almost an embarrassment of riches. They don’t know what to do with it. Read more

Does that bother anyone else? Now it seems:

“They [the oil industry] got $6 billion in the energy bill over 10 years. That’s a huge, huge amount of money,” said Claybrook. “And you’d think with the price of oil at $65 a barrel, they didn’t need any new incentives.” Read more

It’s hard to stay positive with this fact staring you in the face. I don’t get it – who falls for republicans again?