the place where negative outweighs the positive

An interesting note and a sad commentary on our society follows. If you aren’t a hunt-and-peck typer, look at your keyboard. Look at the plus (+) sign. Now look at the minus (-) sign. You have to hit shift to generate a plus sign.

What’s the reasoning behind forcing me to go through this extra effort to type a plus instead of a minus? Really. I want to know. Shouldn’t we be adding more stuff than subtracting? There’s no way the equal sign is more important than the positive sign, unless we live in a world where negative equations and bank account deductions are the most important thing there is.

Is this a conspiracy launched against positive-thinking people everywhere? I think so. The only reason I used to sign my e-mails with a negative sign was because it took less effort. How could I be so blind to the tyranny?

From this day forward, I will sign my name “+b” instead of “-b”. For, with every press of that shift key I am standing in firm defiance of the negative.

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though ‘positive’ is better than ‘negative’ (except in golf) ‘adding’ is not always better than ‘subtracting’

better to do stuff with what you have already than adding more. better to take stuff away if you can while keeping the same effect.

though the keyboard thing is a fine point.

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